Link Building for Blogs

By Abraham van der Linde


What are Link Building.

Link building also called LinkLove, is the method bloggers use to get better ranking in Google, Yahoo, MSN and other search sites. Blogs are about communities and sharing information, they are the best way to build relationships between like minded people. To get links to your site, you first need to give links.


How do Bloggers do this.

The method is to ensure you have a LOT of links to your site on other sites.

By means of:

  • Do follow
  • Comment on other blogs
  • Use a blogroll
  • Use trackbacks


Do follow.

Although blog platforms are standard with no-follow tags on links in comments to get rid of spammers, it is a good idea to download a Do Follow plugin (This will disable the no-follow) and use it so you can reward the people that link to you with quality comments likewise.

Comment on other blogs.

Do this by placing comments on blogs that you are sure are receiving a lot of traffic. Do this as much as possible, but beware of comment spam. Many blogs use no-followed links because of comment spam, but be persistent, do post at least one meaningful comment with a post you like and then return again in a few days to see if your comment has received a reply. If so, reply on that reply if necessary. Just remember to place a link to your website as a signature inside the comment and reply. People will read your comments and see your link and go to your site too, to see if there’s anything interesting for them to read. If they like what they see, they might comment on your site too and by doing that they link to you too.

Use a blogroll.

When you find other blogs on topics that you have on your blog. Place links to them on your blogroll. Those people will most likely be alerted by your interest and in seeing what’s on your site, they may do the same on their sites.

Use TrackBacks.

When you see an article on a blog you like and you have a similar article on your own blog, put a link in that article to the other site’s article. The placing of the link is done usually at the bottom of your article by placing something along the lines of "interested in furter reading?, (place link to other site here)". Even if the other sites are no-followed, these links might draw more readers to your site, because you are offering more than just your own insights.

In adition to the abovementioned, do not forget to do some internal linking to related posts on your own blog. Using your categories wisely can go a long way to better your page rank.

For more info, and possible LinkLove, go to:







Abraham van der Linde

Abraham van der Linde is a Child of God,Husband to Mari and Father of 3 beautiful children. He are an Online Entrepreneur who creates products and like to teach people how to earn an income online using different strategies.

Abraham van der Linde

Abraham van der Linde

Abraham van der Linde

Abraham van der Linde


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