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I use wordpress as my CMS system for creating content to market affiliate products. The nice thing about wordpress is it is FREE. You also have many plugins available to help customize your wordpress site which are FREE. In fact almost every one of my personal websites uses WordPress.

With WordPress.org files you do need to get a hosting service and also a domain name. So a domain name may cost you about $10 per year, and your hosting is very cheap at only about five dollars per month. Not bad for Internet business.

The difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org is the fact that with WordPress.org you have complete control over all of your files, and no one will ever tell you what you can and cannot post on your blog. Also, you’ll have a choice of more plug-ins, more themes, and more control.

The great thing about WordPress is that is driven by plug-ins. plug-ins are special features built by WordPress.org users that you can either download for free or purchase to propel your blog forward. This means that WordPress is always growing, and never being left behind.

As time goes on and your blog is bigger and bigger, you may have to purchase a dedicated server which can run up to $200 a month. If you need a dedicated server chances are you going to be making a lot of money.

I like to be in control of my own WordPress site without having to worry about what is allowed and what is not allowed on my site. This is why I went with WordPress.org is instead of WordPress.com.

if you want to improve your blog even more, make sure that you use hub pages, Squidoo, ezinearticles.com to get more traffic to your blog or to your affiliate links, and also allow you to get back links to your website which helps with your SEO.

Make sure that you get started with WordPress right away, rather than waiting six months down the road.

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